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BIG Community Safety Initiative

In 2008/2009 BIG received a Community Safety Investment grant from the City of Toronto to undertake a community safety initiative. The goal of this work was to explore the issue of community safety with multiple stakeholders in the area and to collaboratively generate a strategic plan for community safety.

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As a first step, BIG worked with the graduate Planning Program at the University of Toronto to develop a workshop project for graduate students. In Fall 2008 a group of four students developed an economic revitalization plan for Bloor Street between Landsdowne and Christie. The students were charged with the task of developing this plan in a way that tries to retain the current socioeconomic composition of the neighborhood and does not contribute to a process of displacing local residents or businesses.

Their excellent report can be viewed in three sections as follows:
Neighborhood review and economic revitalization plan
Appendices with data from the research
A primer on ‘gentrification’

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