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BIG On Bloor Festival of Art and Culture


BIG on Bloor is a two-day, car-free summer street celebration of arts and culture. Now in its 9th year with up to 100,000 people attending in Bloordale, Bloor Street from Dufferin to Lansdowne.


Clay & Paper Theatre


Clay & Paper theatre creates, develops, and performs multi-disciplinary, community-driven theatrical works using narrative theatre and large-scale puppetry in public spaces for diverse audiences.

David Anderson, Founder and Artistic Director

Creative Spirit Art Centre

999 Dovercourt Road, M6H 2X7

The Creative Spirit Art Centre provides art education and studio space for people with disabilities. They are open Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays for scheduled events. The centre is located on Dovercourt Road just North of Hallam Street.

(416) 588-8801

Toronto School of Art


980 Dufferin Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M6H 4B4
416.504.7910 | info@tsa-art.com

The Toronto School of Art fosters the inherent capabilities of its students through an education model that revolves around artists teaching artists to help them make their mark.

Mercer Union Gallery


 Artist run, non-profit center for contemporary art in Toronto, showcasing regional, national, and international artists.
1286 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H
(416) 536-1519


Bloor Passport

Features information, articles, stories and projects about Bloor Street


Bloorcourt Village BIA

Bloor Street West – Montrose Avenue to Dufferin Street

Bloorcourt Village is well known for its great variety of shops and services catering to all tastes and ages. The ethnic mix includes Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Caribbean to name a few.

Go here to find the business directory for Bloorcourt.

Bloordale Village BIA

Bloor Street West – Dufferin Street to Lansdowne Avenue

The ever changing landscape of Bloordale holds an infectious spirit of goodwill these days as community leaders, merchants, and residents join each other in creating a vibrant and stable neighbourhood to work, shop, visit, and live in.

Go here to find the business directory for Bloordale.


Bloor Collegiate Institute

1141 Bloor Street West, M6H 1M9

Established in 1925, Bloor Collegiate Institute has had a long tradition of preparing its students for fulfilling lives after high school. The School is located roughly at the intersection of the streets of Dufferin and Bloor.
(416) 393-1420

Brock Junior Public School

93 Margueretta Street, M6H 3S4

Located just northwest of Lansdowne Avenue and College Street, Brock Junior Public School was founded in 1887 and recently celebrated its 125th birthday. Brock is an arts focused school and boasts a Rooftop Garden.
(416) 393-9245

Dewson Street Public School

65 Concord Avenue, M6H 2N9

Dewson is an English and French school with immersion programs starting in Senior Kindergarten. The school is located just North of Concord Avenue and College Street.
(416) 393-9120

Dovercourt Public School

238 Bartlett Avenue, M6H 3G4

Accredited as a heritage site, Dovercourt Public School was opened in 1886 and sits just southeast of the streets of Dufferin and Dupont. It traditionally served students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6, but is currently undergoing renovations to also serve grades 7 and 8.
(416) 393-9220

Essex Junior and Senior Public School

50 Essex Street, M6H 1T3

Essex runs programming from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The school can be found just North of Christie Pits Park which is at Chistie and Bloor Streets.
(416) 393-0717

Pauline Public School


100 Pauline Avenue, M6H 3M8

Pauline Public School was opened in 1914 and serves a number of students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. It is situated just northwest of the intersection of Dufferin and Bloor Streets.
(416) 393-9360

Perth Avenue Junior Public School

14 Ruskin Avenue, M6P 3P8

Established in 1889, Perth Avenue Junior Public School serves a vibrant collection of students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. The school has various community partnerships and also operates the Perth Academy for Early Learning for children aged 2 and a ½ to 10 years old. The school is located in the Symington Avenue and Dupont Street area
(416) 393-1410

Shirley Street Junior Public School

38 Shirley Street, M6K 1S9

Shirley Street Junior Public School is a small school located just southwest of Brock Avenue and Dundas Street West. It is home to City View Alternative Senior School, a YMCA child care centre, and a Parenting and Family Literacy Centre.
(416) 393-9270

St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School

130 Shanly Street, M6H 1L9

St. Anthony Catholic School was established almost a hundred years ago by the sisters of Loretto. It is located just northeast of the streets of Dufferin and Bloor. The school continues to be proud of its historic past, academic and athletic excellence, its Christian environment, and its ties to the community. A newly renovated and expanded facility opened in the Spring of 2006.
(416) 393-5210

Saint Helen Catholic School

1196 College Street, M6H 1B8

St. Helen’s Catholic School is located on College Street, just West of Lansdowne Avenue. It serves children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The building has been serving the community for roughly 150 years and was refurbished in 1914 and then attached to a new building in 1994.
(416) 393-5208

St. Luigi Catholic School

2 Ruskin Avenue, M6P 3P8

St. Luigi is one of the original Catholic schools to open up within a public school building. It opened up in Perth Avenue Junior School in 1979. The school is named after father Luigi Monti who is the founder of the religious order known as “The Sons of Immaculate Conception.” The school can be found just southeast of Dundas Street West and Dupont Street.
(416) 393-5370

St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School

66 Dufferin Park Avenue, M6H 1J6

Originally opened as Brother Edmund Rice Annex in 1982, the property just north of Dufferin Park became St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School in 1984. It serves approximately 800 students from grades 9 to 12.
(416) 393-5528

St. Sebastian Catholic School

717 Brock Avenue, M6H 3P1

St. Sebastian Catholic School first opened in 1972 and shared a facility with J.J. McGrand which is now St. Mary’s Secondary. It opened its current facilities that are shared with Pauline Public School in 1980. It is located just northwest of the intersection of Dufferin and Bloor Street.
(416) 393-5354

Toronto School of Art

Toronto School Of Art
980 Dufferin Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M6H 4B4
416.504.7910 | info@tsa-art.com

The Toronto School of Art fosters the inherent capabilities of its students through an education model that revolves around artists teaching artists to help them make their mark.

TBSB Trustee Marit Stiles

Ward 9, Davenport
5050 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M2N 5N8
Tel: 416-395-8787


Botanicus Art Ensemble

Contact: Kristen Fahrig
Artist in Residence
MacGregor Park
Lansdowne Ave. north of College St.
(416) 576 900

Friends of Dufferin Grove Park

875 Dufferin Street

The friends of Dufferin Grove Park are not an organization, they are all the people who are friendly to that 14.2 acre city-owned common space bordered by St. Mary’s Catholic High School and Dufferin Mall.

Jutta Mason

Friends of Dovercourt Park


Friends of Dovercourt Park are interested in community issues such as urban greening, development, traffic, and policing. The site also hopes to act as a medium for neighbours to connect, swap, and sell.


Friends of Susan Tibaldi Park


Friends of Susan Tibaldi Park is a neighbourhood group working towards revitalizing a tiny parkette located just noth of Bloor Streetm between Brock and Margueretta Avenues. The park was named after Assunta Tibaldi who was very active as a former member of the Bloordale BIA.


270 Barton Avenue, M6G 1R4

GreenHere is a not-for-profit community group dedicated to increasing green space from Bloor Street West, north to St. Clair Avenue West, and west to east at the CPR/CNR to Christie Street.

(416) 901-2006

Friends of Wallace Emerson Park

Friends of Wallace Emerson Park are interested in park circulation, greening and future development – invitation to join the Wallace Emerson Facebook page to find news, post images and information.


Councillor Ana Bailao

(Toronto Electoral District of Ward 18 – Davenport)

In 2010, after Councillor Adam Giambrone vacated his spot to pursue a bid to be the mayor of the city, Ana Bailao won the position in a tight race.

(416) 392-7012

Davenport MPP  Cristina Martins

Address: 1199 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1N4
Phone:(416) 535-3158

Davenport MP  Julie Dzerowicz


Email: julie.dzerowicz@parl.gc.ca

Constituency Office: 416 654 8048

Julie is the first female Member of Parliament for Davenport.

Councillor Mike Layton

(Toronto Electoral District of Ward 19 – Trinity – Spadina)

Son of former NDP leader Jack, Mike was elected to office in 2010 replacing Joe Pantalone who resigned to run for mayor.

(416) 392-4009

TBSB Trustee Marit Stiles

Ward 9, Davenport
5050 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M2N 5N8

Tel: 416-395-8787


Bloor-Lansdowne Christian Fellowship

1307 Bloor Street West, M6H 1P1

The Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship is an evangelic church of Christ committed to intentional discipleship, inspiring worship, intensive outreach, and inclusive fellowship. It is known across the city for neighbouring the gentlemen’s club known as ‘Club Paradise’.
(416) 536-4000

The Buddhist Association of Canada & Hong Fa Temple

1330 Bloor Street West, M6H 1p2

Founded in 1968, the Honga Fa Temple is open to all. It offers Dharma talks, two meditation halls, chanting services, and a library.

Dovercourt Baptist Church

1140 Bloor Street West, M6H 4E6

The Dovercourt Baptist Church unites together those who have a love for Jesus Christ and are committed to the Bible as the word of God.

Pastor Arc Da Silva
(416) 536-4000

Islamic Information & Da’wah Centre International

1168 Bloor Street West, M6H 1N1

The Islamic Information & Da-wah Centre is a multicultural mosque offering all prayer services, Arabic and Quran classes, and interfaith dialogue.

Imam Shabir Ally
(416) 536-8433

Ossington Avenue Baptist Church

720 Ossington Avenue, M6G 3T7

A community of faithful, passionate followers of Jesus, living God’s mission of transforming grace and sharing God’s message of unconditional love in our neighbourhoods and around the world, through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Church is located at the South West Corner of Ossington Avenue and Bloor Street West.

Anthony Chung
(416) 533-5091

Our Lady Queen of Croatia Parish

7 Croatia Street, M6H 1K8

This Roman Catholic Church is located just South of the intersection of Dufferin and Bloor Streets, in between Kent Senior Public School and Dufferin Mall.
(416) 536-3669

St. Anthony Church

1041 Bloor Street West, M6H 1M4

Located at the South-West corner of Rusholme Road and Bloor Street West, St. Anthony is over 100 years old and offers services in English, Italian, Portuguese and Tagalog.

(416) 536-3333

St. Michael the Archangel Church

212 Delaware Avenue, M6H 1L5

This Serbian Orthodox Church is located a few steps North of Delaware Avenue and Bloor Street West.
(416) 536-8565

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

100 Hepbourne Street, M6H 1K5

St. Paul’s is a Portuguese Presbyterian Church located just West of Dovercourt Road and Hepbourne Street, which is just a block South of Bloor Street West.
(416) 531-0957

St. Sebastian’s Church

20 Pauline Avenue, M6H 3M8

Opened in 1967, St. Sebastian’s Church precedes the catholic school with the same name, just down the street. The Church is located just North of the intersection of Pauline Avenue and Bloor Street West.
(416) 536-2302‎

St. Wenceslaus Church

496 Gladstone Avenue, M6H 3M9

Founded in 1952, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Wenceslaus is a Czech parish and offers mass service on Friday and Sundays. It can be found just South of Gladstone Avenue and Bloor Street West.
(416) 532-5272

Resident and Information Groups


BIG: Bloor Improvement Group is a dynamic volunteer coalition in Toronto, advancing the economic, physical, cultural and social life of the targeted local Bloor Street by creating opportunities and events that improve and celebrate the area.


Bloor Passport

Features information, articles, stories and projects about Bloor Street


Bloordale CIA, Community Improvement Association

Greener ~ Cleaner ~ Inclusive ~ Safer ~ Family Friendly ~ Cycle Friendly ~ Buy Local

Options For Davenport

Davenport Deserves Better than a Gardiner for GO Trains
Join the conversation on Twitter #stoptheminigardiner

DIG IN: Dupont Community Improvement Group


DIG IN (Dupont Community Improvement Group)
Clean Green Safe and Civil.
DIG IN is committed to cultural, social, environmental, and economic revitalization of the neighbourhood surrounding Bloordale (Dupont / Bloor West, Lansdowne Avenue to Dufferin Street).

Junction Triangle


The Junction triangle functioned as the resident’s association in 2008 and now acts as an important hub for information pertaining to life in and around the Junction triangle.


The Bloordale Times


The Bloordale Press opened up in 2010 and aims to provide residents of Ward 18 with important and timely news.

Justin Millerson


Friends of West Toronto Railpath

Friends of the West Toronto Railpath is a community-based working group with the goal of assisting the City of Toronto design, finance and build a 6.5 kilometre linear park from Toronto’s Junction Neighbourhood into the heart of the city.



 Abrigo Centre

Dufferin Mall, 900 Dufferin Street, Suite 104, M6H 4A9

The Abrigo Centre is a multi-service, charitable organization that focuses on building community capacity in West Toronto by helping individuals and families achieve their full potential.

Ed Garca, Executive Director
(416) 534-3434

Bickford Centre

777 Bloor Street West, M6G 1L6

The Bickford Centre offers a range of programming including ESL classes, athletics, newcomer assistance, and afterschool children’s programming.


Christie-Ossington Neighbourhood Centre

854 Bloor Street West, M6G 1M2

Founded in 1994, the CONC is a multi-service organization providing programming for everyone including high-needs children, youth-at-risk, the homeless, newcomers and other vulnerable community members. It is run through a board which consists of community members.

(416) 534-8941

Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club

180 Westmoreland Avenue, M6H 3A2
Dovercourt Boy’s and Girl’s Club provides a variety of programs for children ages 2 and a half to 17 years old.

Matteo Severino, Program Director
(416) 536-4102

Dovercourt YMCA

931 College Street, M6H 1A1

The YMCA is a charity focused on community support and development. Their aim is to provide every individual in the community with opportunities for personal growth, community involvement, and leadership. They are located at the South-East corner of College Street and Dovercourt Road.
(416) 536-1166 ext. 440

Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre

1900 Davenport Road, M6H 1B7

Working in partnership with other community and citywide organizations, DPNC a wide range of free services.

(416) 656 – 8025


90 Croatia Street, M6H 1K9

FoodShare takes a innovative approach to long-term hunger and food issues.

Debbie Field, Executive Director
(416) 363-6441 ext. 228


805 Bloor Street West, M6G 1L8

Houslink is a non-profit, charitable agency based in Toronto that provides supportive housing. They offer a range of housing options, individualized supports and community-based programs.

(416) 539-0690

New Horizons Tower

1140 Bloor Street West, M6H 4E6

New Horizons Tower is a retirement home located conveniently at the intersection of the streets of Dufferin and Bloor, right beside Dufferin station.

(416) 536-6111

Oasis-Dufferin Community Centre

1219 Dufferin Street, M6H 4C2

Oasis Dufferin is a Christian, not-for-profit community centre that aims to create community and care for clients by demonstrating God’s love in such ways to help them attain their full potential.

Chris Ortiz, Executive Director
(416) 536-3197


1173 Bloor Street West, M6H 1M9

Safehaven has been dedicated to the special needs of multiply disabled children with complex medical needs for over twenty years.

(416) 535-8525

The Salvation Army – Central Corps


The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization and is the largest non-governmental provider of social services in the country.

(416) 531-8031

Savard’s Women’s Shelter

1322 Bloor Street West, M6H 1P2

Savards is a 30 bed shelter for women with a long history of homelessness and mental illness. Savards was the first of its kind and remains unique in the City of Toronto. It has also been an incredible success as many women who were too frightened to access the existing hostel system now feel safe there.

(416) 214-1870

“Where the burden of the outside world is temporarily put to rest;
The troubles of the time temporarily forgotten;
The hustle and bustle of the street is shut off to the ears of those spending another
night at Savards.”

Excerpt from a poem by Elizabeth – a resident at Savards


962 Bloor Street West, M6H 1L6

Sistering has been supporting homeless, under-housed, and low-income women in the Toronto Community since 1981.

(416) 926-9762

South Asian Women’s Centre

800 Landowne Avenue, M6H 4K3

The South Asian Women’s Centre is a voluntary, non-profit organization run by and for South Asian women.
(416) 537-2276

St. Christopher House

248 Ossington Avenue, M6J 3A2

St. Christopher House has been a neighbourhood centre in the downtown west end of Toronto since 1912.

(416) 532-4828

Wallace Emerson Community Centre


1260 Dufferin Street, M6H 4C3

The Wallace Emerson Community Centre is located next to Wallace Emerson Park near the intersection of the streets of Dufferin and Dupont. The Centre features an indoor swimming pool, a rink, a workout gym, a gymnasium, a BMX park, and programming for people of all ages.

Working Women Community Centre

533A Gladstone Avenue, M6H 3J1

The mission of Working Women Community Centre is to provide immigrant and refugee women and their families with opportunities to improve the quality of their lives through self-development and community action. It provides a range of services that include settlement, language and training, employment, health and wellness, public education, and community development.

“At Working Women Community Centre we believe that immigrant women are at the core of successful families and thriving communities. By empowering immigrant women we help create more engaged mothers, daughters, colleagues and members of the community.”
(416) 532-2824