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February 2016 Newsletter

BIG – Annual General Meeting

First Meeting of the Year: Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

New Horizons Tower, Dovercourt Baptist Church, 1140 Bloor St. W.

EXECUTIVE: Jason Campbell (Chair) | Jeremy Fink (Treasurer) | Marjolein Winterink (Secretary)


  1. Call to Order
  2. Introductions
  3. Declaration Conflict of Interest
  4. New Member Sign-up
  5. Spot Talks
    1. Michelle Senayah | The Laneway Project | thelanewayproject.ca
      • A summary of projects completed in 2015 with snapshot of projects to come in 2016
    2. Rotem Yaniv | PULP | pulpartparty.com 
      • A summary of PULP Party 2016 at Geary Lane
    3. David Hamilton | Lab T.O. | labto.com
      • Introduction to Lab T.O. –  A co-working space for digital professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs
    4. Darren Leu/Dyan Marie | Civic Studies | bigonbloor.com
      • A showcase of BIG’s new website
  6. New Business
    1. Voting for BIG Director – Secretary
    2. Amendment to BIG By-Law Section 13.00 to include Anti Harassment and/or Abuse Policy
    3. Community Spring Clean Up & Community Garden Planting | Saturday, April 23 | Clr. Bailão’s Office | BIA | BCIA
    4. Community Sale & Laneway Crawl | Saturday, June 11 & Sunday, June 12 | BCIA | The Laneway Project
    5. Jane’s Walk Bloordale | May 6 – 8
  7. Updates
    1. Councillor Bailão’s Office
    2. MPP Cristina Martin’s Office
    3. Bloordale BIA
    4. Bloordale Community Improvement Association
  8. Announcements
  9. Officers’ Reports as needed –  Chair | Festival Director | Treasurer
    1. Dougal Bichan – Festival Director – BIG on Bloor Festival Report
    2. Jeremy Fink – BIG Treasurer – Financial Report
  10. Adjournment/Stand Up & Socialize


2015 Campaign – BIG is proud to support member initiatives

  • Community Spring Clean-Up – April 19 – Councillor Bailão | Bloordale BIA |Bloordale CIA
  • Community Garden Planting – April 19 – Bloordale BIA
  • Bloordale Safety Walk – April 30 –  Councillor Bailão | Bloordale BIA
  • MAY PLAYDAY – May 2 – Bloordale BIA
  • Jane’s WALK HERE Bloordale – May 2 – Bloordale BIA
  • 100in1Day: Bloordale – June 6 – Artist Dyan Marie | Bloordale BIA
  • Bloordale Community Garage Sale – June 13 – Bloordale CIA
  • BIG on Bloor Festival 2015 – August 22/23
  • Bloordale Laneway Crawl – September 27 – The Laneway Project|Bloordale BIA|Bloordale CIA
  • JR Bloordale Project – September 27 – TSA|Bloordale BIA
  • Bloordale Nuit Blanche – Bloordale Index – October 3 – TSA|Bloordale BIA

Festival Report

BIG on Bloor Festival: The festival includes programming to create a Bloordale destination that celebrates the area. BIG also creates projects to be launched at the Festival that bring long-term benefits to the BIA (funding pending). The festival working committee meets weekly and BIG hosts open general meetings on a monthly basis. More festival information below.


THE BIG ON BLOOR FESTIVAL 2016 – bigonbloorfestival.com

2016 car-free weekend, Bloor Street from Dufferin to Lansdowne, celebrates arts, culture, community & small business with a unique community and city-building festival featuring hundreds of events, activities and exhibitions. This is the 9th year with up to 100,000 people attending.

BIG On Bloor Festival:

  1. Creates opportunity and destination to Walk Here. The festival is a welcoming way to discover Bloordale’s unique small business community of diverse stores, restaurants, cafes taverns and service providers.
  2. The BIG festival, BIA and BIG Awards offer recognition and appreciation to people who made an out-standing contribution to the area.
  3. The table vendor market place is a small business incubator giving many small businesses an affordable start.
  4. The festival provides volunteer opportunities to help establish a local culture of volunteerism for youth, adults and families. BIG documents high school volunteer hours to count toward high-school credits program.
  5. BIG creates part-time employment for youth. Festival-paid ambassadors are on the street maintaining order on the festival days; for many it is a first job to add to their CV.
  6. The festival works as information centers for community service providers to offer about services.
  7. All three levels of government participate with festival stations to reach new community members and exchange ideas and concerns.
  8. BIG brings original cultural programming to the street with: art, music, dance, craft, poetry, architecture and theatre.
  9. The festival creates opportunities for artists to create new work and to share it with a wide and appreciative audience.
  10. Creates an opportunity to take leadership, contribute, make something and be constructive. The festival fosters friendships, partnerships, good-will and discussion.

The festival raises the profile of Bloordale and indicates it as a vibrant and engaged community.

The BIG Market Place: More than 200 arts, crafts, and information tables! Card-Yard: Recycled materials animated by architecture, art and poetry! Celebrate Here: Main Stage performance! Savour Bloor: In the stores, restaurants, patios, and the Bloordale Food Court! BIG Awards: Community Appreciation! JOY / JOUEZ: Programs of play and pleasure! PlayFair: Games for children and adults! Bloor Gardens:  New sidewalks, in-ground trees, gardens and community art! After Hours: Local Bloordale restaurants and bars!

More information:  BIGonBloorFestival.com

Get involved, rent a table, volunteer, perform on stage, be a sponsor.

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